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Quality solar panels, grid-connect inverters & roof  racking systems to meet all installers requirements.

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Watch this space - PV brokers has partnered with a Solarjuice for the Australian version of this accurate solar prediction tool. This tool will help add confidence to the figures provided to the client and will be an excellent quotation tool for solar installers/consultants.

Solarjuice is based on PhD by our very own solar doctors and details very accurate predictions possible and is derived from the available long-term historically hourly weather datasets available from weather stations across the country and combined with satellite solar radiation

Please feel free to take a sneak peak at www.solarjuice.com.

Also check out the Solarjuice calculator on the Energy Saving Trust in the UK.

Specialist Solar Finance with an enphasis in solar investments. Clientele range from homeowners investing in 1.5kW systems, through to businesses and solar farmers installing 50kW systems.

Offer financial solutions to your clientele.

The benefits:
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No inflated panels costs to cover pre-paid interest
No deposit required on finance
Unlimited loan sizes (security generally required for loans above $30,000).
Facility can be paid out early to avoid unnecessary interest charges. (fees can apply within the first twelve months).
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